Monday, April 6, 2009

packing up to move...

OK, despite my Word Press woes, I'm planning to move sometime this week.  What I'll probably do is just start posting there while I figure out how to import everything from here, make it look how I want it to look and password protect it all.  So, in the beginning, expect new posts only.

Anyway, I've only heard from a small group of people about wanting the Word Press password.  I haven't gotten back to anyone but promise to do so before the move.  I know more people are reading though.  This is last call.  If you want to continue reading about life with Sadie, please post a comment or email me at this address.  Just tell me about yourself.  Do we know each other?  Do you have a blog?  Have you adopted?  And if you'd like the password, leave me your email address.  : )

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Of course I do!
You know me, I know you and I would miss Sadie terribly :)