Saturday, January 31, 2009

choo choo

Sadie spent the morning with grandma while I worked.  Then we met in the afternoon for lunch.  After lunch we went into a little toy store where my mom saw a cute doll in the window.  We showed the doll to Sadie but she was less than impressed.  Then I found this darling Pooh mega blocks toy that made sounds and she liked pressing the button but when we asked her if she wanted it, she said "no."  This was a surprise because she usually answers "yes" to everything.  Then the lady who worked in the shop asked if she had seen the train set.  We took her over and she was mesmerized.  As a result, Sadie got her first train today and some track.  She got Rosie, the purple train from the Thomas the Train set.  As we were about to leave, the shop lady handed us this darling conductor's hat for Sadie.  I handed it to her and she immediately put it on her head...cocked to the side.  She then proceeded to wear it until she fell asleep in the car.  Too cute!

sadie shoulders



After lunch we head over to Babies R Us for another side rail for my bed because Sadie fell off the bed for the second time last night.  This time, she fell off at the head of the bed.  I don't even know how she did it, but at 1:30am, she woke me up crying and there she was on the floor.  I picked her up and she stopped crying in no time.  Now I have two bed rails on the side of my bed from the head to the foot of the bed.  Only problem is they are a little too long so they actually overlap a bit.  Not perfect, but it should do the trick until I can come up with another solution.  Oh, and in case you're wondering where we are with the sleep's not good.  When Sadie got sick I just started taking her in with me.  So, she falls asleep downstairs and when I'm ready to go up, I bring her in with me.  She doesn't even go to her crib at all at this point.  Oy.  Oh well, it's not too bad, except for the falling off the bed!  Poor monkey!

Tomorrow we're going to head down to a Tet festival in Orange County.  I'm not sure how busy it will be seeing as it is Superbowl Sunday, but it should be fun.  I'll try to get lots of pictures.

january 30th pics



I'll be adding a couple more pictures to this post as soon as I get a hold of my mom's camera.  Sadie was full of energy last night and we got a few more cute pictures to share.

036 (2)

024 (2)


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

more hair clips!

The other hair clips I ordered from Etsy arrived last week.  They are adorable.  Now, if I could just get Sadie to keep them in all day.  You can get your own here.

days of the week clips

holiday clips

hanukkah clip

keepsake or toy?

Sadie's President Obama Air Force One Wood Toy Collectable is on its way.  I thought it would be a nice keepsake for her to commemorate such an important event.  Sad thing is, I probably won't let her play with it.  We'll keep it on a shelf in her room.


january 28th pics



cutie pie2

january 27th pic


Monday, January 26, 2009


When I picked Sadie up at daycare today, I found her hair like this. 


Too freaking cute!  She actually kept them in all day and night. 

My back is officially wrecked from my fall down the stairs.  I can barely walk and going from sitting to standing is so painful, I end up in tears.  I think I'm going to have to see a doctor at least to get something for the pain.  In the meantime, it appears that Sadie clearly understands that I hurt my back.  At daycare today she was walking down the little steps on the play equipment and she stopped, put her hand on her back and said "ow."  Her teachers thought she had hurt herself until they remembered that I had told them earlier that morning about my fall.  That's my little sponge.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

chúc mừng năm mới - Happy New Year!

Tết starts tomorrow and I have to admit I'm still a little ignorant about what it entails.  But I intend to find out.  We have a story book (Ten Mice for Tết)that Sadie hasn't quite sat through yet, but I'll keep trying and I'm planning to take her to a huge Tết festival here in L.A. 

Starting next year, when she's a little older, I hope to start the tradition of having an annual party to celebrate with friends and family.

20 months old

Sadie turned 20 months old today.  I just can't believe it.  I've actually started thinking about her 2nd birthday party.  Since we missed her first birthday together, we'll be making up for it on her 2nd!  The day started with Sadie falling out of my bed at 9:30am.  Ugh...I know.  She's been sleeping with me 100% of the time since she's  been sick.  I sleep on my side and I have a bed rail on her side so it seemed safe.  Problem is, she moves around so much at night that she ended up at the foot of the bed and she went off the corner.  She cried but just for a minute.  I'll be ordering a rail for the end of the bed this week. 

We didn't do much today since the effects of my fall down the stairs have kicked in.  My back is killing me and my foot is still really sore.  My mom has been here since last Sunday night.  She came last Sunday to sleep over so she could watch Sadie on Monday since daycare was closed for Martin Luther King Day.  As you now know, Sadie got sick, then I got sick so my mom ended up staying the entire week to take care of Sadie (and me).  She was all set to go home last night but my aches and pains started and I couldn't even lift Sadie so she stayed another night.  Well, tonight was no better so she's here on the couch reading over my shoulder as I write this.  She IS going home tomorrow so Sadie and I are going to have to fend for ourselves.  Wish us luck!

Sadie seems to be feeling better.  She still has her cough, but is a bundle of energy and is even eating better.  She was a pistol today. 



Note the fork in her monkey toes.


Pjs from Vietnam - so cute!


I think she's a little stir crazy from being home for a week.  I bet she'll be glad to go back to daycare tomorrow.  At least I hope she will. 

We got cupcakes to celebrate Sadie's big day.  She worked on blowing out a candle for the first time and almost had it!  And while she has had cupcakes before, she really seemed to enjoy it today.  See evidence below:




beautiful etsy purchase

I was browsing about a week ago and I came across this shop called Dos BesitosGail makes beautiful glass pendants and other items with maps and words on them.  She had one with a map of Hanoi so I wrote to her to ask if she could make one with a map of Ho Chi Minh City.  She said yes and the pendants (one for me, one for my mom) arrived today.  They are so lovely.  The picture truly doesn't do them justice.  I am so excited to wear mine!

hcmc pendant  

She has pendants for other countries and one that says "mom" in Vietnamese.  That will probably be my next purchase.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

january 24th pics

Sadie and I slept in this morning and we both woke up feeling better.  She still has her horrible cough, but the doctor said it would linger for a while.  She finishes her antibiotics tomorrow.   We just hung out most of the day but she looked so cute!  It was the first time I put her in a pair of Baby Legs.  She wasn't quite sure what to make of them.  She tried to pull them off at first but then gave in and kept them on all day. 

This is how she started out in the morning.


sadie chair

And this is how she ended the day.


She's such a wackadoo.

january 23rd pics

Well, it happened.  A day went by without a post.  But I don't feel badly because I did take pictures of Sadie and my resolution was to take a picture of her every day and post as many as possible. 

Fact is, I have a very good reason for not posting.  Sadie, though feeling better, was still not quite herself and I was still feeling crappy.  We both fell asleep downstairs.  I then woke up and went up to get my bed ready for the both of us.  On my way back downstairs, I actually fell down the stairs.  I've lived here for 6 years and have never fallen down the stairs.  Never even tripped on them.  But I fell and I fell hard.  I mangled two toes on my right foot.  They were throbbing last night and they're a lovely shade of purple today.  Woo hoo!

Anyway, here are the 1/23 pics.  As you'll see, she's very into dressing and undressing herself these days.  Too funny!







Thursday, January 22, 2009

a first i'd like to forget

Today marks the first day in 6 days that Sadie didn't have a fever.  I guess the antibiotics are kicking in.  Tonight she had another coughing fit like last night.  I picked her up to rub her back while she was coughing and she ended up throwing up all over me. Lovely.  I'm sure it won't be the last time, but it's certainly a first I'd like to forget.  She was fine afterward.

My mom took her to McDonald's yesterday after her doctor's appointment and she got these little plastic bracelets.  She loves them.  I put them on her ears so they look like dangling earrings and she thought it was hysterical.  We got this picture of it today.


I'm feeling like crap.  Thank goodness my mom was here to deal with Sadie tonight.  I fell asleep on the couch and just woke up in time to post this for today.  I'm going to work for an hour or so tomorrow and then the weekend will be all about resting and recovering.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

the big p

sadie 1.21.09

My poor baby has pneumonia.  How awful is that?  She was really crabby today.  Clearly she was not feeling well.  And she had yet another fever.  That's 5 days in a row.  My mom and I took her to the doctor this afternoon and after listening to her chest, she said it was pneumonia.  She prescribed antibiotics and said she should be feeling better in a day or so.  She took the medicine easily (thank goodness it was cherry flavored) and even asked for more.  She fell asleep on my lap around 9pm while my mom and I watched Lost.  Oh...did I mention that my mom and I are now sick?  Sadie actually sounds better than I do at this point.  Ugh.  Anyway, shortly after she fell asleep, Sadie woke up coughing.  She was coughing so hard and started choking.  It was so scary.  It sounded like she couldn't breath.  At one point I thought she was going to throw up, but she didn't.  She finally stopped coughing and she was all sweaty so my mom got a cool washcloth for her forehead and some juice.  I just held her for a little while, then went to take the washcloth off her head when she grabbed it and put it back.  That's when my mom snapped this pick.

sick girl

I called Sadie's teacher to tell her that she'd be out the rest of the week at which time she told me, "everyone is sick."  Great!  Can you make sure they are all better before I bring her back on Monday?!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

still sick



My sweet girl is still sick.  Poor thing has had a fever on and off for days.  We'll be going to the doctor tomorrow.  She doesn't seem to feel really bad, but her nose is so runny and she has this horrible wet cough.  In spite of this, she has been keeping grandma on her toes.  She has also been talking up a storm.  New words include: read, more, bye bye, baby (says it like baay-baay...too cute!), pee pee, poo poo and cheese. 

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Saturday, January 17, 2009

january 17th pics

You wouldn't know it from these pictures, but Sadie woke up sick.  She's got a horrible cough, runny nose and a slight fever.  We hung out at home today and will probably do the same tomorrow.

Laughing because I'm getting wet from her splashing and squirting.


I love the squirting water in this photo! 


Here is Sadie checking out my new sleeping spot. 


I brought her up here tonight for her bottle around 8:30pm.  She drank most of her bottle then crawled around on the bed for a while.  She finally fell asleep just before 9:30pm and she is currently tossing and turning near my feet.  I'll try to get her in her crib in a few minutes, but wanted to post this first, in case she wakes up and I end up having to go to bed for the night.

And finally, just because...

bailey bathroom polaroid