Tuesday, January 13, 2009

my gifted girl

Sadie saw the pediatrician today for her 18 month check up (a little late).  The doctor was really impressed with her progress.  She said she is advanced developmentally and is already reaching some of the two year old milestones. I can't believe how remarkable she is considering she spent the first 13 months of her life in an orphanage.  I truly think she must have been a favorite of the nannies, because she clearly got a lot of attention. The doctor gave me some great suggestions to deal with our sleep issues and I'm planning to implement them this weekend.

Sadie got two shots today and she didn't cry.  In fact, the nurse gave her one shot in one arm and when she went to the other arm, I thought for sure she would pull away considering what had just happened.  But no.  Sadie turned to the nurse and said, "hi."  Such a strong little girl!

About a month ago, I started to worry a little bit about Sadie's speech.  Her comprehension is amazing, but she wasn't really picking up any new words.  And then one day a few weeks ago, things totally changed.  She said three new words today and one new word yesterday.  She says: hi, mama, bubbles, elmo (new today!), apple (new yesterday!), yeah, bottle (new today!), uh oh, thank you, all done (new today - said it at school so I missed it!) and ouch.  (I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting at least a couple of words.)

In addition, she says moo, baa, ribbit and quack quack.  We're now working on meow.

She also signs a bunch of words, including: more, please, milk, cat, dog, hot, diaper, drink, eat, cookie, thank you, all done, mama, help and cold.

I'm so enjoying every day with her.  I can't wait to see what amazing thing she'll do next. 

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