Saturday, January 31, 2009

choo choo

Sadie spent the morning with grandma while I worked.  Then we met in the afternoon for lunch.  After lunch we went into a little toy store where my mom saw a cute doll in the window.  We showed the doll to Sadie but she was less than impressed.  Then I found this darling Pooh mega blocks toy that made sounds and she liked pressing the button but when we asked her if she wanted it, she said "no."  This was a surprise because she usually answers "yes" to everything.  Then the lady who worked in the shop asked if she had seen the train set.  We took her over and she was mesmerized.  As a result, Sadie got her first train today and some track.  She got Rosie, the purple train from the Thomas the Train set.  As we were about to leave, the shop lady handed us this darling conductor's hat for Sadie.  I handed it to her and she immediately put it on her head...cocked to the side.  She then proceeded to wear it until she fell asleep in the car.  Too cute!

sadie shoulders



After lunch we head over to Babies R Us for another side rail for my bed because Sadie fell off the bed for the second time last night.  This time, she fell off at the head of the bed.  I don't even know how she did it, but at 1:30am, she woke me up crying and there she was on the floor.  I picked her up and she stopped crying in no time.  Now I have two bed rails on the side of my bed from the head to the foot of the bed.  Only problem is they are a little too long so they actually overlap a bit.  Not perfect, but it should do the trick until I can come up with another solution.  Oh, and in case you're wondering where we are with the sleep's not good.  When Sadie got sick I just started taking her in with me.  So, she falls asleep downstairs and when I'm ready to go up, I bring her in with me.  She doesn't even go to her crib at all at this point.  Oy.  Oh well, it's not too bad, except for the falling off the bed!  Poor monkey!

Tomorrow we're going to head down to a Tet festival in Orange County.  I'm not sure how busy it will be seeing as it is Superbowl Sunday, but it should be fun.  I'll try to get lots of pictures.

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