Wednesday, January 21, 2009

the big p

sadie 1.21.09

My poor baby has pneumonia.  How awful is that?  She was really crabby today.  Clearly she was not feeling well.  And she had yet another fever.  That's 5 days in a row.  My mom and I took her to the doctor this afternoon and after listening to her chest, she said it was pneumonia.  She prescribed antibiotics and said she should be feeling better in a day or so.  She took the medicine easily (thank goodness it was cherry flavored) and even asked for more.  She fell asleep on my lap around 9pm while my mom and I watched Lost.  Oh...did I mention that my mom and I are now sick?  Sadie actually sounds better than I do at this point.  Ugh.  Anyway, shortly after she fell asleep, Sadie woke up coughing.  She was coughing so hard and started choking.  It was so scary.  It sounded like she couldn't breath.  At one point I thought she was going to throw up, but she didn't.  She finally stopped coughing and she was all sweaty so my mom got a cool washcloth for her forehead and some juice.  I just held her for a little while, then went to take the washcloth off her head when she grabbed it and put it back.  That's when my mom snapped this pick.

sick girl

I called Sadie's teacher to tell her that she'd be out the rest of the week at which time she told me, "everyone is sick."  Great!  Can you make sure they are all better before I bring her back on Monday?!

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3continentfamily said...

Oh no!!! She's still a cutie even sick...