Sunday, January 25, 2009

20 months old

Sadie turned 20 months old today.  I just can't believe it.  I've actually started thinking about her 2nd birthday party.  Since we missed her first birthday together, we'll be making up for it on her 2nd!  The day started with Sadie falling out of my bed at 9:30am.  Ugh...I know.  She's been sleeping with me 100% of the time since she's  been sick.  I sleep on my side and I have a bed rail on her side so it seemed safe.  Problem is, she moves around so much at night that she ended up at the foot of the bed and she went off the corner.  She cried but just for a minute.  I'll be ordering a rail for the end of the bed this week. 

We didn't do much today since the effects of my fall down the stairs have kicked in.  My back is killing me and my foot is still really sore.  My mom has been here since last Sunday night.  She came last Sunday to sleep over so she could watch Sadie on Monday since daycare was closed for Martin Luther King Day.  As you now know, Sadie got sick, then I got sick so my mom ended up staying the entire week to take care of Sadie (and me).  She was all set to go home last night but my aches and pains started and I couldn't even lift Sadie so she stayed another night.  Well, tonight was no better so she's here on the couch reading over my shoulder as I write this.  She IS going home tomorrow so Sadie and I are going to have to fend for ourselves.  Wish us luck!

Sadie seems to be feeling better.  She still has her cough, but is a bundle of energy and is even eating better.  She was a pistol today. 



Note the fork in her monkey toes.


Pjs from Vietnam - so cute!


I think she's a little stir crazy from being home for a week.  I bet she'll be glad to go back to daycare tomorrow.  At least I hope she will. 

We got cupcakes to celebrate Sadie's big day.  She worked on blowing out a candle for the first time and almost had it!  And while she has had cupcakes before, she really seemed to enjoy it today.  See evidence below:




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