Friday, January 16, 2009

potty time

I think Sadie is too young to really start potty training, but when we went to the pediatrician this week, the doctor asked if she was showing any interest in potty training.  I told her that she will grab her diaper when she is wet and look at me like, "Hello!  I'm wet here!"  (Sorry to say she doesn't let me know when she's pooped.  I have to wait for the smell to hit me or catch her in the act.)  So the doctor suggested getting a potty and reading some potty books to introduce the idea to her.  So, look what Sadie got today.


It's the princess potty.  It plays music when you go.  How funny is that?  She had a good time exploring it after I took it out of the box.  She immediately found the on/off switch and carried it around the living room. 






She also got this book


When you push the button it makes a flushing sound.  She proceeded to flush all through Target.  It was the only potty book they had at Target but there are tons online so we'll get a couple more and see how she responds.

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