Saturday, September 1, 2007

blogs i love!

I have a new habit. Every night when I get home I turn on the computer and check my favorite blogs. Most are Vietnam adoption blogs...some are parenting blogs. Here are a few of my favorites!

The first blog I found was This blog belongs to a single guy who just adopted the CUTEST little boy from Vietnam. I found his blog when he was preparing to go to Vietnam to pick up his son. He posted while in Vietnam which was so great. I learned a lot about the in country process from him. Now I love hearing about all the amazing things his son can do.

Another Vietnam adoption blog is This blog belongs to a couple in NC who are waiting to adopt a baby girl (Lulu). I started reading this blog when they were waiting for their referral. Everyday I would check to see if today was the day. In addition to blogging about adoption, the blogger is an amazing photographer. I love seeing the pics of her dogs, gifts for Lulu and other things. They recently received their referral and are now waiting for their travel date!

Another Vietnam adoption blog I love is I actually found this blog days before the couple traveled to Vietnam to pick up their beautiful little girl. They posted during their stay which was exciting and educational! They are now home and adjusting to life with their little one.

One other blog that I visit every day is This is a parenting blog with great information and items. I've already found several must haves from this site and even ordered 2 shirts for my baby girl from I ordered the Audrey Hepburn and Lloyd Dobler (from Say Anything). They have fun giveaways and links to many other interesting parenting sites. I LOVE this blog!!

Well, that's all for now. There are at least 5 other blogs I check daily. I'll blog about them another time.

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