Thursday, July 10, 2008

more getting to know each other...

So, several hours have passed since my last post and I wanted to document the rest of our day.  Everyone is asleep and I'm exhausted so this will be quick. 

Sadie finally woke up and after holding her for a while I really wanted to try to get her to play a little.  Until now, all she's done is hold her toy links.  I haven't seen her crawl and she is definitely not walking yet, though she can stand unassisted.  So, I pulled out a few toys and sat with her on the bed.  It took her a little while, but she actually started playing.  She was chewing on the toys, hitting them, turning them around and was smiling.  It was great!  We all just sat around and watched her.  Then I thought I'd break out the Cheerios and see what she thought.  Well, I've created a Cheerio monster.  She couldn't get enough.  We finally had to hide the can.  I'm hoping we can find more while we are here because they will be a good distraction on the very, long plane ride home.  Since she was still looking for more Cheerios, I decided to fix her a bowl of rice cereal and I added some bananas and pears.  She ate it all.  Then I pulled out a book that I brought for her about kittens and she looked through it, touched the pages and even chewed on it a little.  She is becoming very animated and smiles often; so different than the first 24 hours we were together. 

Around 7pm we decided to head back to Mojo for dinner.  I packed the toys and the Cheerios and it was a good thing.  She was a busy girl.  I was able to distract her with Cheerios while I ate my dinner.  Then I gave her some apple juice and she actually shook her head "no" when she was done.  She's brilliant!  She charmed the staff, swayed to the music and even waved goodbye when we left.  We came back to the room and decided to give her a real bath.  She was a pretty dirty girl.  Well, we decided that the tub was just too big so we put her back in the sink.  She cried pretty much the whole time until I started washing her hair.  She really seemed to like that.  We finished her bath, put on a new diaper and pjs and brushed her hair.  She really likes to have her hair brushed and when I was done she actually took the brush from me and tried to brush her own hair.  She had another bottle and then fell asleep in my arms.  I put her in the crib and that was it!  Here are a few more pictures from tonight to tide you over until my next post. 


Tasting Cheerios for the first time.


Her first real bath.



My beautiful girl brushing her own hair.


Jill said...

She is beautiful simply beautiful.

AllisonEvan said...

YEAH!! See the struggle in your journey to GET Sadie was tough but looks like you are catching lots of breaks now that you are together!!

So happy to hear and see how strong your bonding is going and that she is thriving in your care(of course I knew she would:-) I was so happy to hear the story of your return to the orphanage and the wonderful care she received! Best part is how she clung to you! Brought tears to my eyes.

Welcome to life with a cling on:-0
The pictures are PRICELESS!

Looks like I better add a BIG BOX of Cheerios to our marketing list!

Keep em coming!!

Abby said...

Grenda -- bless your soul for posting everything and sharing the pictures and experience with us! I am so unbelieveably excited for you and am really enjoying living vicariously through you and reading and seeing about evertyhing Sadie, baby, Vietnam, motherhood, etc. It's a dream come true!! Love to you & Sadie and your parents!!!

Katherine, aka katedrew94 said...

She is beutiful. Congratulations!!

The Gregs said...

She is so beautiful. I keep saying it. I guess it is just beautiful that you all are together. Thanks so much for taking time to share with us.

Anonymous said...

just read all of your recent posts! Sadie is GORGEOUS!!!! Congratulations.


rdsh20 said...

Gren, thanks for the continuing narrative but it sounds like Sadie is going to weigh 50 pounds by the time you come home with all she hungers for. It's great that she is adapting so well to all this new food, environment, people and a wardrobe fit for a Queen. She is adorable and we can't wait to meet her in person.

How's my sister holding up? Not sure a totally (physically) well person could do what you all are doing given the heat and humidity because I know how it affects us here in Dallas. How about a picture of Barb and Barry with Sadie??

On to the next stop I assume.

Love, Uncle Ron