Thursday, July 24, 2008

we're home!

Sorry for not posting sooner.  We got home early Saturday night but have been having a really tough time with the time change and jet lag.  The clock in Sadie's head thinks it day when it's night and vice versa.  The last few nights she's gone to sleep at 8:30am, 6:30am and 3:00am.  So basically we sleep all day and are up all night.  NOT FUN!  I woke her up at noon today and she went down at midnight so I think we are making progress. 

We finally showered and left the house today to get some much needed baby things...more bottles, wipes, a play yard and some safety items.  We found everything thing we needed and ended up being out for several hours.  Sadie did fine in the car seat (with my mom sitting in back with her).  In fact, she fell asleep twice (hope that doesn't screw with tonight's sleep!). 

One of the things I needed was a play yard.  It's a gate that creates a safe play area in the living room so I can put her in and take a shower or make dinner.  My friend E used one with her 2 kids and it was great!  Well...we set the whole thing up and Sadie was sitting inside with us.  She was playing and all seemed well.  I got out to do something and then Bailey came downstairs.  She got so excited and wanted to get to Bailey.  So, the stinker used her "monkey toes" to climb up and over the gate.  Yep!  She climbed right out.  Now I get to go back to Torrance to return the gate and extension that we bought.  Not sure what to try next.

Bailey is doing surprisingly well.  The first day we were home she threw up 4 times.  She just kept coming down to eat and then a short time later she would throw up.  Clearly she was stressed.  Poor baby!  She has not been hiding like I thought she would.  She comes downstairs and sniffs Sadie's toys and gets surprisingly close to Sadie.  She will let Sadie touch her quickly if I'm sitting there, but when Sadie starts to chase her, she runs back upstairs.  My mom and been letting her sleep with her in my room while I'm on the futon in the baby's room.  I think she's going to be OK with  a little more time to adjust.

I have to mention my amazing friends before signing off for the night.  My friend E picked us up at the airport since she has a car seat.  She brought us home where I found a kitchen full of groceries.  What a nice treat to not have to worry about grocery shopping for a few days!  I also had a care package on my doorstep from my friend Y.  It included her yummy homemade pasta sauce, rice krispie treats and gifts for Sadie and me!  So sweet.  Other friends and family have called and emailed since we've been home but I haven't had a chance to respond to most of them.  I'm sorry!  Once Sadie is on a schedule, I'll have some time for myself to return calls and emails.  Hang in there....I promise you'll hear from me soon.

Well, I guess that's all for now.  I have a long post going about our days in Hanoi.  I'll try to get that up in the next or so. 


Sue and Mark said...

Welcome Home! How nice to come home to a full refrigerator! I'm sure it won't be long before things become more predictable. Happy Transitioning!

Jill said...

Welcome home!

Lisa said...

Welcome Home! Have so enjoyed following your journey. Hope you get settled back at home quickly.
Lisa P. (we are with the same agency :)

wendy said...

Finally....a post!!!! J/K!

wendy said...

Finally....a post!!!! J/K!

Barry & Donna said...

So glad that you are home with Sadie. It was great meeting you in Hanoi! Thank you so much!!

Kiska said...

CONGRATULATIONS and Welcome Home! Phil and Kristin shared the great news with us. We have been following your blog, and are so very excited for you.
Sadie is absolutely beautiful!
Congrats again- happy happy parenting- Nicole and Jesse