Friday, October 31, 2008

happy halloween - a day of many firsts

Sadie wore her first Halloween costume today.  As soon as I heard that the kids were to wear costumes to daycare so they could go trick or treating in the building, I started thinking about options.  I decided pretty quickly what I wanted her to wear - scrubs.  I figured she'd be comfortable and I work in a hospital and Sadie's grandpa is a doctor.  Cute, right?  I started searching online for children's scrubs and found a few options.  Some even let you monogram them.  Problem was they were like $40, without tax and shipping.  That seemed like a lot for something she'd probably only wear once.  If it were some intricate costume I could see spending the money (and I'll probably do it next year) but for cotton scrubs, it seemed a bit much.  Then one day, I was in the Gift Shop at work and there they were...scrubs.  They had pink and purple ones for a nurse and green ones for a doctor.  They were adorable and with my employee discount cost about $12. 



Sadie went trick or treating for the first time.  It was so cute.  I was able to go over and join them as all the classes paraded through the building going from office to office.  I was supposed to meet with my boss at that time, but she was so great and rescheduled saying I had to go be with Sadie.  I figured they'd give them stickers or raisins, but no....CANDY.  Sadie can't say "trick or treat" yet so she just walked through the halls waving at people.  People loved her costume!  One of her teachers carried a big bag and collected candy for all the kids to divvy up later.  However, Sadie started to lollygag a bit and we ended up behind the group.  As a result, people started handing her her own candy.  She individually scored a bag of gummy bears, m&m's, animal crackers, starburst and Clue candy.  Not bad. 





When we got back to the classroom, some of the kids started eating some of the candy.  So, Sadie had her first m&m's.  Let's just say they were a hit.  That's my girl!


  • This is actually a reenactment after dinner so technically these are m&m's number 4, 5 & 6!

When I went to pick her up at the end of the day, the teachers had made treat bags for the kids and filled them with candy.  This is Sadie's first Halloween stash.


After work we went to Target for some diapers and other essentials then we stopped at my favorite taco place - Tito's Tacos.  It's this hole in the wall taco stand where they have about 6 things on the menu, only take cash and you usually have to wait in a long line to place your order.  I haven't been since before we went to Vietnam and I've totally be craving their tacos.  Sadie had her first Tito's.  She had a bean and cheese burrito and some Mexican rice.  She seemed to like it. 


After dinner we went up for a bath and while waiting to get into the tub, Sadie peed on the bathroom floor.  Another first!  Poor thing.  She felt the puddle and kept trying to get away from it but obviously it followed her where she went.  Thankfully she missed the rug by about 2 inches so it was a pretty easy clean up and she just got dunked in the tub. 

This is how my girl fell asleep.  I think it's fair to say she had a pretty exciting day!


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