Wednesday, October 8, 2008

my mommy injury

Wait till you hear this.  Just about a week ago I started having a shooting pain in my right wrist when I move my thumb.  I thought maybe I just slept on it weird and figured it would just go away.  Well, several days later it was no better so I got a recommendation for a hand guy at my hospital.  I couldn't get in to see him until today so I went and bought a brace on Monday and wearing it has helped a bit. 

Well, today I saw the doctor (actually I saw his PA) and she asked me to tell her about my symptoms.  I explain that I'm having severe pain radiating from my thumb.  That it hurts when I do things like pull my hair into a pony tail or pick up my daughter.  She stopped and asked, "How old is your daughter?"  I told her and she proceeded to tell me that I have deQuervain’s Tendonitis.  Apparently it is common in new mothers.  It's from picking up and carrying Sadie around.  She gave me an anti-inflammatory cream and told me to continue wearing the brace.  Then she told me that I may very well develop it in my left hand because I'm depending on it more now.  Ugh.

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Anonymous said...

Finally some updates on your beautiful girl! Happy belated, you look wonderful (and happy!!)