Saturday, October 25, 2008

sadie is 17 months old!

We celebrated Sadie's day with a trip to the shoe store for some real shoes.  Until now, Sadie has been wearing mostly Robeez or Pedipeds which are cute but not the most supportive shoes.  Sadie scored 3 new pairs of shoes, some slippers and some socks. 





In addition to the new shoes, Sadie got 4 new Sandra Boynton books:

But Not the Hippopotamus, Blue Hat, Green Hat, What's Wrong, Little Pookie? and Snoozers

She also got a Push and Pop book: Things People Do.  She already has the farm one and loves it so I knew she'd like this one too.

My mom and I took Sadie to Babies R Us to return the travel stroller I bought for our trip to Arizona.  While there, of course Sadie ended up with a couple more treats.  We love watching Handy Manny every day and as soon as I saw the Talking Toolbox, I knew she had to have it!  She loves it!

But that's not all!  My mom saw the new Elmo Live and showed it to Sadie.  It was so cute, grandma felt Sadie had to have it!  Elmo moves his arms, legs, mouth and head and tells jokes, sings songs and says silly things.  He came with a little blue seat to sit on, but Sadie thinks the seat is for her.  You should see her trying to sit on this tiny blue stool.


After she played with her new books and toys she decided it would be fun to climb on momma's back.  My mom got some great pictures.  Sadie was laughing so hard.  Such a sweet sound!






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Kerry said...

Happy day, Sadie! Love those pics of you 2. She's getting more beautiful by the month.