Monday, December 1, 2008

mama's day out

My mom and I used to have season tickets to the Ahmanson.  I LOVE musical theatre so we always had a great time.  Well, this last season we weren't really thrilled with the shows that were coming so we gave up our season tickets.  I didn't realize how much I've missed going to the theatre until this past Sunday. 

Spring Awakening is playing at the Ahmanson for 6 weeks only and I really wanted to see it.  I was going to ask my mom to watch Sadie and just go by myself but she said she wanted to go too.  So, what to do with Sadie?  One word...grandpa.  My dad agreed to come and sit with her while my mom and I went to the play.  It was really nice to be out for a while with just grownups.  The play was amazing.  Racy, but amazing!  Great music, great acting, haunting story. 


Sadie kept grandpa on his toes.  They went for a few walks, he fed her lunch, she took a 30 minute nap and he changed his first poopy diaper!  Go grandpa!

I can't wait until Sadie is old enough to take her to the theater and to concerts.  I know she's going to love it.  I taped Ellen today because David Cook was going to perform and we watched it when we got home tonight.  Sadie sat on the couch next to me and watched him play the entire song.  She clapped during the song and swayed.  It was so cute!  I wish I had gotten it on video.

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