Sunday, December 7, 2008

sadie's first thanksgiving

Sadie's first Thanksgiving was nice but exhausting.  It was just the four of us: me, Sadie, grandma and grandpa.  Sadie looked adorable in her dress from Boden.


I pretty much spent the entire time chasing Sadie and saying no.  She was quite the rascal in my parents' unbabyproofed house.  Oy!  She opened every cabinet in the kitchen, climbed on the fireplace, tormented the dogs, climbed under the coffee table, etc.  My dad wasn't feeling well so he stayed away from all of us, which meant he wasn't there to entertain Sadie.  

Dinner was yummy.  Sadie has decided to be a little picky about what she'll eat these days.  It's odd...things she used to love, she'll take one bite and then shake her head no.  She tried everything at dinner, but didn't eat a whole lot. 

My mom bought her this darling Thanksgiving food set from Pottery Barn Kids.  It is so flipping cute!  She'll be getting more play sets from there for Hanukkah/Xmas!




She played with it a little but was more interested in exploring all the dangers in the house. 

When the time came for dessert, my mom put a dollop of whipped cream on Sadie's finger for her to taste.  My silly monkey must have thought it was lotion because she rubbed her hands together and rubbed her tummy.  It was so funny!

I wish I had better pictures from the day, but I guess what matters is that we had fun. 

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