Thursday, January 24, 2008

munchkin's new nickname is lucky

I swear my munchkin is good luck.  I've mentioned that I check many blogs daily and enter various contests.  Well, much to my surprise, I continue to win. 

I've already blogged about the onesie and the Baby B'Air.  Since then, on December 21st  I won a $100 gift certificate to  I haven't decided what to spend it on yet.  Then, the very next day I won a bib and drooler set from  I chose the cupcake print.


Then yesterday I found out I won a pair of shoes from  I chose the Emilie in a size 9. 


And finally today, I found out I won a Downtime Sleepy hat from


How cute is that?  May come in handy on the 20+ hour flight home from Vietnam!

I have never been lucky and never won contests before this.  This is why I am convinced that my munchkin is my lucky charm.

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Stephanie said...

Oooh...See Kai Run! I LOVE that brand!