Saturday, January 26, 2008

pity party

I'm in a funk today.  A real funk where I don't want to do anything.  I have about 80 thank you notes to write to my amazing friends and family who have spoiled my little one rotten and I'm just not in the mood.  Tomorrow will be a month since my last munchkin update.  Some of the families with my agency received video of their kids over a month ago and I hear that others just recently received video.  I've never seen video of my baby girl.  I was told that they took film of her but had problems converting it to dvd.  Obviously, it is not the end of the world, it just bums me out.  I've never seen her smile.  I have 6 photos of her and that's all. 

My agency is great though.  I have complete faith that I will get some sort of update this week.  I just need something to help me get through the wait.  Poor me, right?  It's not like I'm the only one living through this wait.  It just seems to get harder each day.  I'm officially at the end of the road.  Just waiting on I600 approval and I'm done.  Her crib and dresser are being delivered on February 8th.  I've got almost everything else she could ever need thanks to the 2 amazing showers I had this month.  I feel ready.  My house is basically ready.  Bailey, however, is definitely not ready and neither is work.  OK.....there's my focus.  Do what I can to lessen the blow that is about to wreak havoc on Bailey's life.  How do you prepare a cat for such a major life change?  And focus on getting everything organized at work so I can enjoy my 12 glorious weeks of Family Leave.  Wish me luck!

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3continentfamily said...

Hang in there. You are so close :)