Wednesday, August 13, 2008

catching up...Saturday, July 12 HCMC

I want to try to get caught up on our time in Vietnam.  I was posting regularly for the first few days until Sadie really came out of her shell and suddenly, I had no free time.  I took notes while I was there but never had time to form full posts.  Sorry if this is boring after the fact, but I want to be sure to remember everything.  So, here goes...

Sadie went to bed the night before around 9pm and she woke up at 9am.  She really likes to sleep.  She is definitely getting into play time.  We spent the morning on the bed, playing with her toys. 

sadie 7.12.08

She smiles all the time and even giggles, which is as cute as can be.  We'll try to get it on video tonight.  At one point while she was playing on the bed, she just stood up and took two steps to me.  I was alone in the room with no camera handy.  It was amazing!!!  My dad was feeling a little under the weather so he decided to stay away for Sadie's benefit.  My mom and I hung out with her most of the morning.  Around 1pm we went to lunch and Sadie fell asleep in the carrier.  In true Sadie fashion, she awoke just as my food was being delivered.  So far we've been able to keep her occupied/distracted with Cheerios or some other snack.  I don't like using food to keep her busy, but at this point, it we're sticking to it. 


Speaking of Cheerios, she is addicted.  When she sees the container she gets excited.  She'll grab it and won't let go.  We're almost out so I asked on one of the Vietnam Adoption listserves if anyone knew where to find Cheerios in Vietnam.  I actually got quite a few responses with some suggestions so lets hope one of them pans out.  Otherwise, the long flight home will be...LONG! 

After lunch my mom and I went....wait for!  We bought some more dresses for Sadie in larger sizes and some gifts for her for when she is older.  I'm buying at least one thing from Vietnam to give her on her birthday until she is 18.  I've already got the younger years covered, but I'm struggling a bit with some of the middle years. 

We leave for Hanoi tomorrow, so I have some major packing to do.  I'm sad about leaving HCMC.  This city has given me the greatest gift ever!  I can't wait to tell Sadie all about it.  I wish we had done more sightseeing, but I know we'll be back one day and I'll get to see it all with Sadie by my side.

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