Tuesday, August 19, 2008

lunchtime rut

I need help.  When I go back to work (ugh) I have to send lunch with Sadie.  It will have to be finger foods that she can feed herself since she hasn't mastered the spoon yet.  I feel like I'm in a rut with her lunches and I need some inspiration.  I don't want to send the same thing everyday.  She's a really good eater at this point.  She'll eat almost anything.  A while back I found this blog of a mom who posts pictures of her son's lunches.  She has some great ideas!  I'm hoping to try a lot of the things she uses (including the cute bento box!) but I'm curious to know what others are feeding their kids.  So???


AllisonEvan said...

That blog has some great ideas.
I always try to make lunches new and exciting and the fact of the matter is that Allison likes her handful of stuff. We get bored but they really don't. D's daughter V eats the SAME lunch every single day. (WOW that is sooo easy for mom not asking her what she wants every day) Most of my am fights with A are what do you want for lunch? She replies "I DON"T KNOW"

Pasta (You can get the whole wheat or ones with protien) , fruit, cut up cheese, steamed veggies (like carrots cut into bit sized pieces, peas etc)thinly sliced cucumber , sliced turkey, etc. Shelled edamame, sliced up egg, little pieces of bread with cream cheese, hummas etc.

For A I actually make her pasta in a thermos. Would they atleast help her get it on a plate?

Actually this months Parents magazine has a great article with lunch ideas. They highlight the bento box - "laptoplunches.com" is a good one.

Mer (Lulu's Mommy) said...

I ove Veganlunchbox.org but i am not vegan. it is bento style. i used to do bento for hubby and me but it didnt last too long bc he sai it was for kids lol

Jill said...

I am struggling with lunch ideas for my 5yr old as well. Bentos rock though!