Saturday, August 9, 2008

what's sadie up to?

Just wanted to share some of the many adorable things Sadie is doing these days.

She loves music and will start dancing when she hears it.  She'll even dance in a store if there is music playing.  I especially love watching her dance to the theme song to Gilmore Girls (one of momma's favorite shows!).

She loves to play peek-a-boo.  She'll do it with anything: burp cloth, blanket, toy, piece of clear plastic, sheer curtain, etc.  It's too cute!


She likes to play keep away.  She'll hold something out for you to take and then pulls it quickly to her chest.  She thinks it's hysterical.  The funniest part is that she slams it to her chest (like Celine Dion). 

She's learning patty-cake.  When I sing, she claps with the biggest smile on her face.  She especially likes when I use her feet to clap.

She just discovered how to make raspberries today and as a result was pretty much drooling and spitting all day.  (This one may be more gross than adorable.)

She cracks up when I curl my tongue.  Here she is giving it her best shot.


Her two favorite toys (that she can't have) are the phone and the Tivo remote.  She loves talking to my mom on the phone.  She'll listen with a huge smile and say hi.  When I let her have the phone for a brief moment, she's dialing some 20 digit number within seconds.  Today, when she got the Tivo remote before I could get to it she proceeded to hit numbers to take her to the Disney Channel then changed it to the Cartoon Network.  I swear to you....I'm not lying!  She's gifted!

She's quite the climber.  I already told you she climbed out of the play yard.  She can easily climb on to the couch, dining room chairs, my ottoman and now the toilet.  This is how I found her yesterday when I realized it was very quiet in the babyproofed bathroom.


She LOVES Bailey's cat toys.  I find them among her toys all the time.  A few days ago, she ate lunch with one of them in one hand while she fed herself with the other.  Poor Bailey...


We went to the park with my friend Y last week and while she was more interested in watching all the other kids playing around her, she loved being in the swing.  These are my two favorite pics!


swing  smiling lighter