Monday, August 25, 2008

sadie is 15 months old!



Sadie turned 15 months old today!  We celebrated with a sprinkle cookie and a new toy!  She went to town with the cookie.  It was all over her face and hair and her fingers were different colors from the sprinkles.  We went straight from dessert to the bath.

She is such an amazing little girl.  I honestly don't know what I did to deserve to be her mom.  Even during the difficult moments (which are few and far between), I just look at her and still can't believe we are together. 

We spent the day applying for her Social Security number, shopping for a few more bento boxes for her lunch and shopping for birthday gifts for some friends and family.  She was such a trooper. She charmed everyone who paid her any attention.  I had several people actually stop me to tell me how beautiful she is.  I have to say I agree!  I also had two people ask me if she is my baby.  Why does that matter?  Why can't they just say she is sweet or cute?  Whatever!

Sadie can now "give 5" (thanks to Auntie Y) and she gives kisses.  I can't possibly put into words how sweet it is when she leans over with her lips puckered to give you a kiss.  She does it out of the blue and I just melt.  I am ga ga for this girl!!!


Sue and Mark said...

She is SO cute! I'm glad that everything is going so well!

3continentfamily said...

She is blossoming!

Abby said...

She is so precious! I cannot wait to meet her!! Also, RE: those people that ask you if she's 'yours' you should smile real big and say "YES - Absolutely mine!" :)