Friday, August 1, 2008

sadie's first word!

Last night was another bad night.  I'm having a really tough time getting her on a schedule.  We had two good days so I was hopeful, but no such luck.  Sadie went down at 9pm then woke up at 10pm and was up until 1am.  Mommy is very, very tired!  There was a highlight though in last night's activities.  I was holding Sadie and swaying, trying desperately to get her to go to sleep and she lifted her head, looked right at me and said, "Hi."  She said it in this high pitched freakin adorable!  I smiled and said it back and then she just kept saying it.  I was so excited but wanted her to go to sleep so I was trying not to make too big of a deal. 

She definitely knows what it means.  She said it again many times today, including when she saw Bailey come downstairs.  I tried to get it on video but I swear she would say it 10 times and then as soon as I'd turn on the camera, she was silent.  I'll try again tomorrow. 


AllisonEvan said...

Those lil buggers are soooo smart. I swear they know when you are on your last leg they pull out something so endearing to make you realize staying up all night is worth it all.
Hope tonight is a better one for you both.

Michelle said...

Keep the faith on the sleep. She'll switch over to local time soon, hopefully. It took my son 4 days (although by the time he adjusted, it took me 2 more weeks to straighten myself out).

Barry & Donna said...

Oh smart. Hope things get better for you.

3continentfamily said...

that IS freaking adorable ;)