Sunday, April 13, 2008

baby celebration los angeles

Today my friend Y and I went to Baby Celebration Los Angeles at the Convention Center.  When I first heard about it a few months ago, I figured I would be going with Sadie in tow.  When it became clear that that wasn't going to happen, I figured my mom would tag along.  Unfortunately, she's still struggling to get well and is no where near healthy enough to venture out in the 90+ degree heat we had today, let alone walk through the Convention Center for hours.  So, I asked my friend Y and she quickly said yes!  (I just love her!) 

I had a great time!  They had tons of booths with all kinds of goods and services.  I walked away with a couple of tees, a pair of pants, a dress and a baby sign language book for Sadie.  I talked to the girl at the gDiapers booth for a while and really think I'm going to give them a try, at least at home.  We'll probably do disposables at daycare though.  I also tried a couple of organic baby foods that were quite good.  I might try them every now and again but don't think I can afford to do it all the time.  It would be great if I had the time and energy to make my own baby food, but I just don't see that happening at this point.  I could be wrong.  Maybe its easy.  I'm going to allow myself some time to get used to the whole single parent thing before I try tackling making my own baby food.  It was nice to be out surrounded by tons of mom and adorable babies. 

Tomorrow starts a new week.  I'm expecting new pictures of my girl and hopefully some news about Dr. Long's visit to Tu Du Hospital.  I could really use some good news right about now.  

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