Friday, April 25, 2008

doubly sad day...

Today the official announcement was made about the future of adoptions from Vietnam.  Vietnam will continue to accept dossiers until July 1st and only cases with an official referral by September 1st will be completed.  This doesn't really effect me since I already have my referral but it leaves so many waiting families with little or no hope.  My heart aches for all of the families waiting for their referral and for all of the children who will grow up without a forever family.  Everyone knew it was coming, but it doesn't make the official announcement any easier. 

As if this news weren't bad enough, the US Embassy in Hanoi also issued a Summary of Irregularities in Adoptions in Vietnam on their website.  To say that it is awful is an understatement.   

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Happy Day said...

Love you, Grenda . . . I knew I better take a look at your blog to see what's news . . . I'm sorry this i so difficult . . . though your annals will certainly make for a compelling biography . . . I couldn't stop reading . . . but I wanted to in order to let you kow we're thinking about you and Sadie every day!

Remember, you and Sadie are 'above the line' and will both be smiling VERY SOON, so, while I can't reasonably say "no more crying" no matter how hard the journey, keep your eye on the prize" (People told me that when I cried all the time during my fertility trials) I think it means, while this is difficult, it is all going to be for goodness (a net positive) to be shared by both of you, more than either of you experienced on your own - where a negative would be if one of ou got sick or hurt . . . Oh, that must be where the half full analogy came from, for simplicity sake as I ramble aimlessly -- I love you! Dani