Monday, April 14, 2008

so much for staying positive

Well, here's the latest.  I received a call from the caseworker in Senator Boxer's office today.  I was so happy to hear from her.  She proceeded to tell me that they finally received a response to their inquiry into my case.  She said that CIS said my acknowledgement date was March 3rd (um, no) and my case was blocked on March 17th.  That's it!  It seems that CIS has decided to change my acknowledgement date with no notice to me.  They are now counting 4 days AFTER they received my second I600 as my acknowledgement date.  The second I600 had EXACTLY the same information as the first.  Not one single thing was changed.  They didn't like that my first was one partially printed and partially typed and this is how they are going to make me pay for that!

I told the caseworker that basically she didn't tell me anything that wasn't in the 4 page letter I wrote to Senator Boxer.  How is that helpful?  I  waited 3 weeks for my Senator to tell me my acknowledgement date and my blocked date.  I want to know what she is doing to help.  Does she think what CIS is doing is OK?  Does she care that my daughter is languishing in an orphanage? 

I honestly don't know what to do now.  Senator Feinstein's office never even bothered to respond to my letters.  Congressman Waxman's office offered to help but are they going to do the same thing Boxer's office did?  I really thought Senator Boxer was going to be able to help.  She is very aware of the current situation and has helped California families who received denials bring their children home.  What a disappointment. 

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