Wednesday, April 23, 2008

i love pippi


Freckles on her nose

diddle diddle di

a girl came riding

into town one day

diddle diddle

she was quite a sight

it's pippi longstocking

say ho ho ha he ha ha

it's pippi longstocking

there's no one like her

happy as can be

diddle diddle

pippi tells you stories

you just wait and see

tra la la la la

she's quite a girl

she's got a house

an old and funny house

a monkey and a horse

a suitcase full of golden coins

and you will never ever ever find

another girl so strong

and always generous and kind

pippi's world is fun

diddle diddle di

she makes kids happy

her make believe may stun

diddle di

the grown ups here in town

pippi's quite unique

diddle diddle

with her smile disarming

she is such an imp

tra la la la la

you'll love her too.


*I can't wait to share my love of Pippi with my girl some day!!!

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