Wednesday, November 26, 2008

daycare thanksgiving

Sadie's teachers made a Thanksgiving lunch for all of the kids today.  On Monday, when one of the teachers mentioned it to me she told me I should feel free to come over to take pictures.  Frankly, I'm free to go there anytime.  They have an open door policy which is great!  And since the daycare is at the hospital, it's pretty easy to sneak away to see the munchkin.  So, around 11:15am, I headed over with my camera and some treats for her teachers.  When I walked into the classroom, this is what I found.


How sweet is that?  They really went all out to make it nice for the kids.  The kids were playing in the gym when I arrived since it was cold and wet outside so I went to hang with Sadie and the others while the teacher finished heating up lunch.  Let me tell you, Sadie is a daredevil.  She climbed up this pad and slid down it on her tummy, her back and ran down it.  She would almost always lose control at the bottom and fall down but the whole room was padded so it was totally safe.  She had a blast. 

sadie up close


When it was time to eat, they served roasted chicken, macaroni and cheese and yams.  Sadie used to love pasta, but all of a sudden she shakes her head no when she sees it on her plate.  I finally got her to taste a spoonful, but after that, she'd have nothing to do with it.  How can my child not like pasta?  Who doesn't like macaroni and cheese?  Anyway, she ate a little chicken and every bit of yams on her plate.  Her teachers were so sweet to me.  Turns out I was the only parent that came so I sat with Sadie and they fixed me a plate.  Everything was yummy! 


After lunch, it was nap time so I got out of there as fast as I could since Sadie will not go down if I am there.  I guess when they woke up they served the pumpkin pie.  I asked if Sadie liked it and they said she scarfed it.  In fact, she tried to take another kid's pie.  That's my girl! 

Tonight I made the cranberry sauce while Sadie was eating dinner and the pumpkin pie after she went to sleep.  I'll make brownies in the morning and then we'll head to grandma and grandpas.  I'm going to try to get some nice family pics, maybe even one for a holiday card.  We'll see!

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