Tuesday, November 11, 2008

making sadie's lunch more fun

I'm sending Sadie's lunch in little bento boxes and they're just too cute.  She probably doesn't even notice.  In fact, I think her teachers take the food out of the bento box and put it all on a plate.  But who cares?  Eventually, she'll pay attention to how her lunch looks and I think she'll love it!  Today I sent a hot dog and I knew she would like it more if she could dip it in ketchup.  Unfortunately, I didn't have a container small enough for ketchup.  So, I just placed an order for some items to make Sadie's lunch more fun.


Hello Kitty muffin pan - Seriously!  How cute is this?

egg molds

Bear and Bunny egg molds

They turn a regular hard boiled egg into a fun shaped treat!



Fun shaped mayo or condiment holders.  The monkey ones have a little spoon to scoop out the condiment. 

I can't wait for everything to arrive.  I bought them from this fun site.  They have the coolest Bentos and accessories.


Anonymous said...

how awesome! I love bento and will be ordering stuff as well. PLEASE post some pics of these items in use!

Mer (Lulu's Mommy) said...

I used to make bentos for Tim!!!! :) Lulu will definitely be getting some.