Monday, November 3, 2008

weekend outing

On Saturday, Sadie and I went to the Fall Festival at a local elementary school.  The poster said they were going to have a petting zoo, games, food, face painting, etc. so I thought it might be fun.  The weather has been pretty odd the last few days and there was a good chance it could rain, but I decided it would do us good to get out. we went. 

When we pulled into the parking lot, I immediately saw the petting zoo.  The first thing I noticed?  A zebra. 


How cool is that?  Well, let's just say I was more impressed with the entire event than Sadie was.  But we still had fun.  We went to check out the animals and in addition to the zebra, they had a piglet, chickens, ducks, tortoises, sheep, a goat, a swan, a cockatiel, a darling puppy and rabbits.




I decided to just let Sadie look from her stroller for a few minutes to see how she reacted.  She didn't have much of a reaction.  We went around to look at the zebra and she just sat there.  The zebra was eating grass and I took a couple of pictures when, before I knew it, the zebra had it's face in the cup holder of Sadie's stroller.  I so wish I had gotten a picture.  She wasn't really fazed, but it was hysterical.  I got this picture right after.


I decided that maybe she couldn't really see the animals through the fence so I went to buy some tickets so we could go in.

I ended up buying way more tickets than we needed but it went to support the school so it wasn't a big deal.  On the way back to the petting zoo, I stopped at the bake sale booth and bought Sadie a sugar cookie. 


This may have well been her favorite part of the day.  She finished her piece of cookie and we went in to see the animals.  She had absolutely no interest in petting any of the animals.  This surprised me because she is dying to get her hands on Bailey. 




She really wanted to play in the animals' water dish and get up in the chair that was in the animal pen.  The large tortoise was quite interested in Sadie.  It walked right up to her and sniffed her leg, but she didn't do anything. 



When it sank in that she just wasn't into it, we left and headed out to explore what else was available. 

The games and rides were for kids a little older than Sadie so we just walked around a people watched.  They had a Rock Band booth so we watched the kids playing for a little while and then ran in to one of my former volunteers.  I started to get hungry so I bought a lemonade and slice of pizza.  Sadie had her first pepperoni pizza and she loved it. 


And every time I would bring the cup of lemonade to my mouth, she would open hers and stare at me.  Needless to say, I had to share. 


As soon as we were done eating, it started to rain so we headed for an awning to wait it out.  It didn't take too long, but she fell asleep in the stroller.  I ended up using the rest of the tickets to enter a couple of raffles (for an Eric Carle book and a Wii) that I didn't win, bought some bottles of water and soda, an inflatable giraffe ball and some more goodies from the bake sale.  Even though the event was meant for slightly older kids, I had a good time being out with my munchkin. 

When we got home, Sadie decided that despite a house full of toys, the best thing to play with would be the box that my new bed rail came in.






Is she not the cutest?!

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