Monday, November 17, 2008

diversity parade

On Friday, my work had a diversity parade as part of mission week.  All of the children from Sadie's daycare participated.  Parents were invited to come and we were asked to send our child with a piece of ethnic clothing.  While in Vietnam,  I didn't buy any dresses or ao dai's in Sadie's current size but I did buy a small conical hat to hang up in her room.  Side note: I always thought the conical hats were a stereotype but EVERYONE wore them in Vietnam.  That's why I wanted Sadie to have one.

Anyway, I dressed Sadie in her regular clothes and put the hat on her.  She was such a trooper.  She actually liked wearing it.  I put a ribbon around her neck so the hat wouldn't fall off and get stepped on.  Could you makes it safely home all the way from Vietnam in my carryon but gets trampled at work.  Sadie looked adorable and my CEO and COO and most of the Sisters finally got to meet her. 

sadie and i in hat

Here we are before the parade. 


This picture makes me giggle.  Sadie held my hand most of the time because there were a lot of people there.  At one point, however, she walked a little ahead of me and this was my view.  Why was her hand on her tush? 

It was a really fun event.  Some of the children were so decked out.  I didn't take many pictures because I didn't think it was appropriate to take pics of other people's kids, but I had to snap these two.  I've edited them so the girls' faces are unrecognizable.  The first dress is from Korea and the Kimonos were so cute.  The girls walked together holding hands.

korean dress


It is so wonderful that Sadie has all of these little Asian girls to look up to at daycare.

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