Monday, November 10, 2008

happy referral day!

Exactly one year ago today, I received Sadie's referral. 

Thi 1


It makes me a little sad to see how small and young (she was only 5 1/2 months old) she was in these pictures.  I'm still angry that it took nearly 8 months to get approval to bring her home.  So much time wasted! 

I carried these pictures with me everywhere I went.  I loved how her hair stuck straight up and her little dress was adorable.  When we went back to visit the orphanage to take pictures of other waiting babies, one of the babies waiting to go home to a family from my agency was wearing that dress.  I took her picture and it made me smile.  Though the nanny didn't look like the warmest person in the referral photo, I can tell you that she was there when they handed Sadie to me, and she cried the entire time.  She obviously felt great affection for Sadie.  

I tried to get a picture of Sadie holding her referral photo tonight, but she was not in a cooperative mood.  She does not yet smile on command.  If I'm holding her, I can always get her to smile, but she usually is reaching for the camera when I'm trying to photograph just her.  These are the best I could do...




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Anonymous said...

Can you believe it???
And of course Sadie is smart. Brag away! She's just precious.