Saturday, February 21, 2009

february 20th disneyland pics

We had a great time at Disneyland.  We got there around 1pm and stayed until after 11pm.  We got to go on the new and improved It's a Small World and Sadie adored it.  She was swaying and clapping through the ride. 





Sadie still loves the carousel.  She rode it 4 times! 



Dumbo was still fun too!



Y and I went on a few other rides together while my mom watched Sadie.  Then she fell asleep around dinner time.  She slept through dinner, some shopping and ice cream and woke up as we were shopping on Main Street.  Once again, Sadie scored!  She got a Minnie Mouse dress, a book, tub toys, a couple of tee shirts and a sweatshirt, a toy cell phone, some bracelets and some candy.  Sadly, she slept through most of the shopping, so she had no idea what she scored until the next day!

Sadie woke up as we were checking out at our final stop in the park.  Then she was awake!  She stayed awake the entire drive home and up until I put her in bed with me and told her to go to sleep.  Thankfully, she did pretty much right away. 

We'll be going back again in about a month since Y got a 2fer ticket which gets her into California Adventure for free.  And now that I have an annual pass, we'll be heading down frequently, though probably not for 10 hours at a time again.  Boy was I aching at the end of the night!

Here are a couple more cute pictures from the day.


stoller sadie

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