Friday, February 13, 2009

a lovely friday the 13th

Sadie got a few Valentines at school today.  So cute.  The teachers gave all the kids little boxes with temporary tattoos, play-doh and a sweet note.  And the kids made Valentines for the parents.  Here's mine. 


I absolutely LOVE it!  It's the first handprint picture I have and the first art they've sent home from school.  It is proudly displayed in the kitchen.

After rain all day, the sun came out for a bit around 4pm.  So, I picked Sadie up early and we went down to Old Navy.  I saw a couple of cute Valentine's Day things on their website (that were on sale) and I was hoping to find them in Sadie's size.  No such luck, but of course, I found a couple of other things and a cute sweater for me.  (I ended up buying the items I was looking for online later tonight.)  When we were walking back to the car, we passed these two high school girls who were carrying pink and red balloons.  Sadie's eye lit up when she saw them.  She pointed and  looked at me.  I promised her I would get her a balloon tomorrow for Valentine's Day.  Then, a moment later, I heard someone saying "Excuse me."  It was one of the girls with a red balloon in her hand.  She asked if I would like it for Sadie.  Is that not the sweetest thing ever?  Sadie was SO excited.  Here she is with her balloon.


We don't have any big plans this weekend but since Sadie's school is closed on Monday I decided to take the day off and we are planning to go to Disneyland with my mom and my friend Y.  I hope we don't get rained out!

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