Tuesday, February 17, 2009

not disneyland, but still a very fun day

So, we got rained out yesterday.  Since my friend Y had taken the day off to come with us, we decided to all hang out anyway.  And where do you go when it is raining?  To the mall, naturally.  Y came over and Sadie, my mom, Y and I all went out to lunch.  Sadie is still so good about eating out.  She gets a little impatient when she is done, but I can usually keep her distracted until everyone is done.  We had a yummy lunch and Sadie's kid's meal came with a hot fudge sundae!



She took a couple of bites, indicated to us that it was cold, and then was done.  What kind of child doesn't scarf a hot fudge sundae?  

After lunch we went to the Beverly Center.  Sadie made out like a bandit thanks to grandma.  She got a bunch of cute things from Gymboree and I bought her some little pink Uggs.  She liked them so much she ended up wearing them out of the store. 



Then we went to Macy's where Y and I both got new sunglasses.  I needed them because Sadie destroyed my Dolce & Gabbana ones.  Bummer.  I replaced them with a very affordable pair that, if broken, will not make me cry.  The sales guy joked that Sadie needed some too and we started talking about how that wouldn't be a bad idea.  The sun does bother her in her car seat at times.  So after Macy's we went to H&M.  I LOVE our H&M because they have a children's section.  Y immediately saw the children's sunglasses so we tried them on her.


sadie glasses

I wish I had a video of Sadie seeing herself in the mirror for the first time with the glasses on.  She LOVED them!  She was smiling, posing, laughing....it was priceless.  We bought the pair in the second photo above.  They have little rhinestones on the sides.  So cute!  Sadie also got two Hello Kitty dresses at H&M. 

After that we went for a soda break and Sadie wouldn't take her glasses off.  Check her out!  She was so happy. 


As soon as we left the mall, Sadie fell asleep.  It was 5pm.  Not the ideal nap time.  We made a quick stop at Sweet Lady Jane's for some sweets.  We all got something (or a couple of somethings) to go.  Then we went home.

Sadie slept until 7ish when I finally woke her for dinner.  She immediately wanted to put her glasses back on and continued to wear them until I finally tucked them away for the night.  It was a really fun day!


We decided to try to go to Disneyland on Friday.  I'm going to take another day off despite the mounds of work I need to do.  Everything will still be there on Monday so what's the harm, right?

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