Saturday, February 21, 2009

wiped out

We are wiped out.  Yesterday took a lot out of us!  I tried to sleep in, but Sadie was up early, climbing all over me and talking.  We hung out around the house and played with Sadie's Disneyland treats for most of the day.  She LOVED her Minnie Mouse dress.  Once we put it on her, over her other clothes, she wouldn't let us take it off.  She looks adorable in it!




Around 3ish we went out to the market to get some stuff for dinner.  Sadie fell asleep on the way to the market and slept though the entire shopping trip, until the time came to pay.  Unfortunately, that was Sadie's only nap today.  Let me tell you, it was not enough for me.  She was a pistol the rest of the day.  Whiny and into everything. 

When we got back from the market, we started dinner and then decided to try to get Sadie a haircut up the street.  We had to wait a little while because we didn't have an appointment, but it was totally worth it.  We liked this salon a lot better than the kids' salon we went to last time.  The stylists were great with the kids, they had dvd players at each station and the place was really clean.  Sadie was such a good girl.  She sat in the rocket chair and played with the steering wheel, looked at herself in the mirror and watched the other kids.  They put a little flower in her hair when they were done.  Her hair looks so much better now.  It was long and straggly in the back and now she has a cute bob! 






After her haircut, they gave her a lollipop; her first!  She put it right in her mouth and ate the entire thing.  She was drooling like crazy.  Too funny!


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