Monday, February 2, 2009

tet festival 2009 & february 1st pics

Sadie and I went to the Tet Festival yesterday.  It was huge!  They had rides, carnival games, informational booths, tons of food, performers and a cultural village.  It would have been easier if another adult came with us but the two of us made it through the day.  Sadie loved the music and the dragon dance.  She also loved the egg rolls.  She wore the top from the ao dai she got for Christmas, but since the pants were too long, I matched it with a pair of gray pants.  She looked ADORABLE!  I bought Sadie a shirt from a vendor who is starting a non-profit to raise money for Mai Tam Center in HCMC.  It is a hospice home for mothers and children living with HIV/AIDS.  We mostly just walked around and took everything in.  I tried to win Sadie a goldfish but to no avail.  There were very few non-Asians there.  I felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb, but no one really paid any attention to us except for one woman on the shuttle to the festival and another on the way back.  They were both very sweet and told me that Sadie was very lucky.  I told them, I was the lucky one!

035 034








sadie smirk

Music and eggrolls...what more could a girl want?  Maybe the yellow balloon that distracts her in the top left corner at the very end of this clip?

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