Monday, February 2, 2009

guess who peed on the potty?!

When we get ready for bathtime, I now have Sadie sit on her potty for a minute or two before I put her in the tub.  The potty plays music when you go in it, but she has figured out how to get the music to play on her own.  She either takes it apart and presses the button, or she sticks her hand in the pot and touches the sensor to make it play.  Well tonight, she was sitting on the potty, touching the sensor with her hand and dancing with a huge smile when the music played.  I turned away to wash my hands and heard the music again.  When I turned, I was surprised to see her hands at her side.  I asked her if she made a pee pee and she didn't answer.  So I asked her to stand up and the pot was full!  I was SHOCKED!  I was so excited.  I didn't have any treats in the bathroom to give her so I wasn't able to give her a reward, but she must have known she'd done something good from the fuss I made.  And rest assured, there is now a small container of m&ms in my bathroom cabinet should this ever happen again.  Yeah Sadie!

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