Sunday, February 15, 2009

a lovely valentine's day

Sadie and I had a lovely day yesterday.  We slept in and then watched cartoons together for a while.  We were invited to my friend L's house for dinner and I really wanted to bring something.  So, I decided to make Coconut Madeleines.  I had just enough eggs and sugar to make two batches.  I was so happy I didn't have to go to the store!  I started to crack the eggs and Sadie came in to the kitchen and sat down in her chair.  She was sucking her thumb and leaning to the side so I asked her if she was tired. I told her she could go take a nap on her bear or stay here and watch me make cookies.  A moment later, I noticed she had left the kitchen.  I went into the living room where I found her sleeping with her thumb in her mouth on her bear.  I put a blanket over her and then had a divine 2 hours to make cookies, file my nails, tidy the kitchen and watch 3/4 of Mamma Mia!  It was heavenly.  When she woke up we watched the rest of the movie (she LOVED the music) and played a bit before getting dressed for the party. 

My friend L has the greatest friends.  Everyone was so sweet with Sadie and she had such a good time.  One of her friends had her darling 8 month old daughter with her.  Sadie had fun watching her.  One of L's cats let Sadie pet and kiss her.  She was so sweet with the cat.  I don't know why she isn't that way with Bailey.  When the time came to leave, Sadie got a sudden burst of energy and started running all around.  She wouldn't let me put her sweater on and clearly didn't want to go.  I finally got her in the car and within moments, she was asleep.  It was a lovely Valentine's Day.  I was so busy having a good time that I didn't take many pictures but L's friends took a few so hopefully I'll have a few more soon.




sadie smiling


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