Monday, March 9, 2009

are you a china baby?

Last Thursday, Sadie and I took my friend Y out to dinner for her birthday.  When we got to the restaurant and sat down, I noticed a Caucasian woman sitting at a table in front of us with two little Asian girls.  She was looking at us and talking to her girls so I was pretty sure her girls were adopted but I didn't intend to say anything.  Then, the woman said something.  I looked up and she told her daughter to ask again.  Then this darling 3 year old asked, "Are you a China baby?"  How freakin cute is that?  I answered that she was from Vietnam.  Then I asked if she was a "China baby."  She said "yes."  The mom explained that they were twins adopted a few years ago.  She said she didn't want the girls to think there was anything wrong asking if she was from China and hoped it was OK.  I thought it was darling.

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