Wednesday, March 18, 2009

march 17th pic

Sadie wore the cutest outfit to school on St. Patrick's Day but when I went to pick her up at the end of the day, she gave filthy, dirty a new meaning.  I was actually pretty upset with how she looked when I got there and I let the program director know today.  She was outside and had black paint all over her darling outfit, paint on her hands and face, dried snot on her face, no shoes or socks on, no sweatshirt on (despite the fact that both of her sweatshirts were outside with her) and her diaper was hanging low to her knees.  I felt like no one had been paying attention to her for a while.  How hard would it be to take a baby wipe to her face and hands?  I provide the wipes for crying out loud!  Anyway...I ended up taking her into the bathroom where I cleaned her up and changed her diaper and clothes because I just couldn't take her out looking like that.  Turns out her diaper was falling off, which is why it was down by her knees.  She had peed, of course, so her cute outfit had pee on it too.  Not pretty.  Anyway, I'm hoping never to find her that dirty again.  Sadly I didn't take any pictures of her in the morning so you'll just have to trust me...she looked adorable.

When we got home, I immediately put her in the tub.  She had a good bath and got nice and clean.  I'm sorry to say her darling outfit did not fair as well.  That darn black paint is the only art supply that they use at school that does not come out of her clothes.  Oh well.  It wasn't an expensive outfit, but it was cute and festive for St. Paddy's Day!  After the bath we sat on the couch for a few minutes and she actually fell asleep.  It was only 7pm and she hadn't had dinner yet.  That's when I snapped this picture.


I ordered a pizza and thought for sure she would wake up when the doorbell rang, but no.  It was kind of nice to eat my dinner without her climbing on me or begging for what I was eating.  And I got to watch a couple of shows off the Tivo.  What a treat!  She slept until about 8:30pm then she started to stir; I made her wake up.  I figured if I let her keep sleeping, she'd wake up at 10pm and be up for hours.  So, I fed her dinner and she went back to sleep around 10pm.  What a couple of party animals we are. 

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Anonymous said...

Oh tease us by telling us how cute she was in that outfit but you don't have pics??? AGH!

As far as the daycare goes- speaking up right away was the right thing to do. I make surprise visits when I can. Even though it's an awesome place, I still do it ;)