Wednesday, March 25, 2009

shoes on

Sadie has a new bad habit.  She will not keep her shoes and socks on at school.  No matter what they do, she takes them off.  I bought lace up shoes so we could double knot them; she just pulls them off - still tied.  Her teachers have started taking them away and putting them in her cubby when she takes them off so they don't get lost.  (She's come home in another kid's socks before.)  So I've gotten used to finding her socks and shoes in her cubby when I pick her up.  Last night I told her that she needs to keep her shoes on at school.  I told her again this morning and said that if she keeps them on, we'll get a treat. 

Well imagine my surprise to find her in her shoes when I picked her up tonight.  She had kept them on all afternoon!  So, we celebrated with a trip to Pinkberry.  Let's hope it wasn't a one time thing!

Here is Sadie walking down the street to Pinkberry.  She's wearing my work badge, carrying my Williams Sonoma purchase, and waving hello to folks on the street.  When a bus drove by, she waved and said "bye bye."  How stinking cute is she?

the greeter

shopping girl

She found this door hanging that says "Shhh....Princess Sleeping" in a bin in her room recently.  Because it has a handle, she thinks it is a purse.  She carries it on her arm all the time.  She'll put it on her shoulder and say "bye bye."  This morning she grabbed it on the way out of the house so it came to work/school with us.  What a wackadoo!


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