Thursday, March 19, 2009

holy poop part deux

Yep, it happened again.  This time she felt the need to announce it.  She was in the bath, said "poo poo" and then there it was.  Ugh.  I'm not digging this part of motherhood. 

When I dropped Sadie off this morning her teacher told me that they were all talked to about my complaints yesterday.  I was really happy to hear that the director took it seriously and went to the teachers.  Now they know what my expectations are so hopefully it won't happen again.

I've started planning Sadie's 2nd birthday bash.  I think I've found the location now I need to find some invitations.  The search will start this weekend.  I can't wait to celebrate the big day with our family and friends!

Now some pics from today:

Too cool for school!


Check out all the paint on her shirt!  The girls loves her art!

sadie profile



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