Wednesday, March 25, 2009

to password protect or not?

Many of my favorite blogs have gone password protected in the last few months.  Thankfully, they also chose to share their passwords with me so I can continue reading.  I totally get why they did it.  Would Sadie want her life out there for all to see?  Now I'm torn about whether I should follow their lead.  I started this blog as an adoption journal.  I didn't give the address to anyone, not even my folks, for a long time.  Then I gave it to a few families with my agency, then a couple of friends, then more friends and now I get visitors from all over the country every day.  I really have no idea who is reading these days.  Very few people actually comment.  I'm flattered that anyone would care to read about life with Sadie, but it also kind of freaks me out a little when I really think about it. 

I've got a new blog all set up at Wordpress and I'm ready to go password protected at anytime.  Before I do that, however, I'm wondering who is out there.  And do you want to continue reading?  I'd be happy to share the password with most people, but I want to know who you are.  You can either post a comment or email me at this address..  Tell me about yourself.  Do we know each other?  Do you have a blog?  Have you adopted?  And if you'd like the password, leave me your email address.  : )


3continentfamily said...

Of course I will keep reading! And I think pw protecting Sadie posts is a good idea. I don't regret doing it for Little Man for a second :)

felicia said...

Oh we're still reading!! I'm David's friend, River's all met in Vietnam. I live in NC and have been keeping up w/ you and Sadie since last year. I'd love to keep up w/ ya'll if that's okay w/ you. My email is :

Barry, Donna, and Tam said...

We would still read! I do agree that it is a good idea.