Monday, March 9, 2009

daycare is a battlefield

Sadie is a rough and tumble girl.  As a result, she's frequently getting bumps and bruises at daycare.  Well, today, my phone rang around 11am and the Caller ID said it was Sadie's classroom - never a good thing.  It was Sadie's teacher calling to tell me that Sadie was playing with some friends and got hit in the eye with a wooden block.  She said it bled a bit but that her eyeball looked OK.  I was nervous, so I went over to see her.  I stopped in the Gift Shop on the way over and bought a Hershey's Kiss to give her because I knew she was going to have a hard time when I left to go back to work.  When I got there, she was playing with a friend and seemed OK.  The injury wasn't nearly as bad as I had imagined in my head.  Her eyelid was a little swollen and she had two small cuts on the lid.  Her eye was fine!  Thank goodness.  I thought for sure she would have a black and blue eye by the end of the day, but she didn't.  Instead, she had a purple face.  But don't worry, it wasn't bruised.  She managed to put a purple paint hand print on her forehead.  What a kooky girl!

Now some photos from tonight.  First up, the battle scar.


And now the purple face




And I was preparing her bath, Sadie walked into the bathroom like this. 


She had managed to get her body in one of the legs of my pajama bottoms.  Thankfully I had my camera handy to capture this look.  Priceless!

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