Thursday, March 26, 2009

my big girl

Sadie is just two months away from two years old.  I can't believe it!  She has changed so much in the 9 months we have been together.  She is now talking up a storm.  There was a period of a couple of weeks, just a couple of months ago,where I was really starting to worry about the fact that she wasn't saying more words.  Then, it was like a switch turned on inside her.  She says new words everyday now.  Some of my favorites include: down, mine, pocket, wa (walk), da (dog), baby, night night, move, la you (love you) and tank you (thank you).  She's also put a couple of words together like "I do" and "no mine." 

Her motor skills are amazing.  She can run, jump and climb like a monkey.  She LOVES art.  Her teachers are always amazed at how long an art project can hold her attention.  Most of the kids move on after a few minutes, but Sadie will draw or paint for 20 or 30 minutes at a time.  She has a wonderful imagination.  She pretends to cook and eat with her princess tea set.  She also pretends to cook in the car and in the tub.  She loves it when I play along.  She's started showing interest in taking care of her "babies."  She holds them, pats their back, puts them to sleep, feeds them, changes their diaper and wraps them in her blankets. 

She still loves her books.  Some favorites right now include "Good Dog, Carl," "I Love You Like Crazy Cakes," "No, David" and "Good Boy, Fergus."

She's used the potty several times now; the most recent time being last night!  I have to distract her to keep her sitting on the potty and a large basket of lotions seems to do the trick.  She likes to have me open all the bottles and she puts a dab of each scented lotion on her legs, arms and tummy.  Thankfully, she usually goes from the potty to the tub so she doesn't smell like a fruit salad for too long.

She has made some really good friends at school.  There is one little girl and one little boy that she really loves.  They play together a lot and the girls are often found hugging each other.  It's adorable!

She sleeps with me every night now.  She falls asleep with me downstairs, and when I'm ready to go to sleep, I just take her to bed with me.  It's not ideal, but she sleeps through the night with me so it's worth it in the end.   She hasn't set foot in her crib, other than to jump on the mattress, in a couple of months now.  Oy.

She still loves music and will dance when she hears it.  Her new dance involves shaking her tush back and forth.  I'll try to get a video this weekend because it is beyond cute!

She's totally growing.  She outgrew the shoes we bought her at the end of the year.  Many of her 12 month pants are too short and some of her 18 month shirts are getting a little tight around her Buddha belly.  She doesn't seem much bigger on her growth chart, but when I'm carrying her, she seems so long to me.  I want to take a picture of her in the carrier I used in Vietnam so I can see how much bigger she is now.

She's still a very good eater.  Favorite foods include: pasta, cheese, yogurt, m&m's, ham, hot dogs, raspberries, blueberries, apples, rice, green beans, tomatoes, corn, fried things (egg rolls, chicken tacos, taquitos), fruit roll ups, Pinkberry, waffles, oranges, dried cherries, dried cranberries, pizza and applesauce.

She's getting very independent.  She wants to do more and more things herself and I'm sure that will continue as she approaches the big 2!

That's my big girl!


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