Friday, March 27, 2009

sadie's 1st picture day

Today was picture day at school.  You'd think she'd be used to having her picture taken by now since my New Year's resolution was to take a picture of her everyday this year!  But no.  She looked absolutely adorable in a dress with a pretty little flower in her hair.  She watched a few of her friends have their picture taken and then said to me "I do."  When it was finally her turn, she stood where she was supposed to, put her hands how they told her to and looked right at the camera.  But she would not smile.  No matter what the photographer's assistant or I did.  They make you pay for the pictures before they even take them so I'm going to have a bunch of pictures of her looking cute, but unhappy.  Oh well.

She did smile tonight though, so I could get this shot:

sadie walking

When I got home tonight we went for a walk with my mom and dad.  We were on a hunt for dogs and boy were we successful.  We bumped into my neighbors with their two dogs, Kiki and Jasmine.  The last time we saw Kiki, her owner let Sadie hold the leash.  Now she wants to hold every dog's leash.  It's adorable.  She was in hog heaven going between the two dogs.  She is so sweet to all dogs.  I have no idea why her first impulse is to hit or kick Bailey when she gets up close.  Thankfully, she's never close enough to actually touch Bailey.  And before you think she's a bully, she has had some lovely moments petting and kissing Bailey.

Tonight when she was eating dinner I asked her about her friends at school and she actually said many of their names.  I was so impressed.  She said Mai Mai, Rena, Igel, Uk and JT (trust me when I tell you she was close on the names!).  She also said ice cream clear as day.  That's my girl!

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