Wednesday, May 28, 2008

how i spent my daughter's first birthday

Well, I made it through one of the hardest days of my life so far.  I think what saved me is that I was busy and distracted.  It was when I was alone that I let the sadness get me.  I woke up feeling very sad but I couldn't let it break me because I had to get ready for brunch.  I met my friend Y and my cousin M and her two adorable girls at the Marmalade Cafe.  We had mimosas (yes, plural) and tons of delicious food.  After brunch we shopped for a while.  Then we separated.  This is when the sadness hit me again.  I decided that even though Sadie isn't home, I could still buy her presents and cupcakes.  I bought her some great board books then went to Toys R Us where I got her a puzzle and a little farm playset.  Then I stopped at my favorite cupcake place, Yummy Cupcakes (such a perfect name!), and bought a cupcake for her and a cupcake for me.  When I got home I decided to wrap her presents.  Now they are on the toy shelf waiting to be opened.  Y was so sweet to invite me over later for more Rock Band so I wouldn't be home alone.  Just before I left, I put a candle in Sadie's cupcake and lit it.  I made a wish for her (I'm sure you can guess what it was) and put her cupcake back in the fridge.  Then I went to Y's where we proceeded to play Rock Band until 2am.  I was so tired when I got home that I went right to sleep. 

I wonder what Sadie did on her birthday.  Do you think they even acknowledged it?

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