Wednesday, May 28, 2008

look what arrived today!

birdy painting

One of my absolute favorite blogs is Secret Agent Josephine.  She has the cutest daughter and is a very talented artist and graphic designer.  Her posts frequently make me laugh out loud.  She has an etsy shop and last year I bought these alphabet cards from her and at Christmas time I bought these gift tags.  Then one day she posted a picture of her daughter standing on the bookcase in her room (it was one of those days), with this darling picture of birds in a nest on the wall behind her.  I was in love.  I asked where she got it and found out that of course, she had painted it.  Since then she has painted some tiny versions of the bird painting but they always sold before I could even view them on etsy.  Well, not this time.  I got my very own painting for Sadie's room.  The colors don't match her room at all but I had to have this.  I can't wait to find a spot for it!!!  Oh....and how sweet that on the back of the painting she wrote "Especially for G and her little one."  Thanks SAJ!


AllisonEvan said...

Oh my gosh the painting is so darling! It looks like it will match it is neutral and brown. The birdy's are so sweet. Wow! a famous masterpiece for SAJ!!

James and Melissa said...

I love the painting!!