Tuesday, May 20, 2008

private blogs

Seems everyone is going private these days.  I understand why.  I've already registered for the same blog name at WordPress.com but haven't gotten around to transferring everything yet.  It will be nice when I do though.  Then I can post pictures of my girl and keep tabs on who is reading.

Anyway...I'm posting today because one of my favorite blogs, Twin Twist of Fate, has moved (probably to go private) but I have no way of getting in touch with M.  I know she's read my blog before so I'm hoping she'll see this post and get in touch.  I definitely want to keep in touch so we can celebrate when those beautiful boys come home.  M, are you out there???

{UPDATE: I found her!!!  I swear her email address was not there when I first went to the site!  Either that or I'm an idiot.}

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