Saturday, May 10, 2008

my amazing cousin

My cousin N is 10 days younger than me.  She lives in Arizona with her husband and two beautiful boys.  We rarely get to see each other and don't talk much either.  I really don't know why.  We were really close growing up.  She's just a phone call away, but she's busy with her family, especially the kids and all of their extracurricular activities (they are brilliant and talented boys!).  Well, I just checked my email and found this:

Happy Mother's Day!! 

M told me that Sadie won't be home for her birthday later this month.  I'm sure that's extremely upsetting for you.  I hope you are able to take some time during the day tomorrow to sit quietly and connect with her.  You've been holding her in your heart for months now.  Take comfort in that closeness.  Try to think of this as an extra long gestational period.  The heart ache you're feeling could be back pain, leg pain, vaginal pressure, indigestion...  Until she is in your arms, hold her tightly in your heart.  It's that love you have for her that will change both of your lives. 

Have a wonderful day tomorrow knowing you are Sadie's mother and she loves you very much for it!

Love,  N

Such an amazing email.  Such an amazing cousin. 


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The Gregs said...

Your cousin's e-mail made me cry; it was beautiful.